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I took the LSAT again this morning. No more! No matter how badly I might do this time.

The essay question asked you to argue either for a well-qualified but little-known scientist, or a scientist who was not as technically proficient with the issue but who had been a medical correspondent on the national news and written several best-sellers.

I'm afraid I wrote a rather cutthroat essay that was more from the perspective of an advertising exec than a normal human being, but hopefully it will stand me in good stead instead of revealing that I was a business student once upon a time. Although, I kind of did treat jurors like consumers and not citizens performing their patriotic duty. Whatever. I DIDN'T COME HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS, I CAME HERE TO BE #1.

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let's be honest.
jurors today are nothing more than people being sold a story.
people are idiots.
they don't care about the facts.
they only care who told them the better story.
i think that someone from a background in advertising would make a great lawyer.
if you can sell one thing effectively, you can sell anything effectively.
people's lives are no exception.

This dumbshit on my flist got into law school with sketchy LSAT marks. Of course, she's going to a fourth-tier school, but still. You are considerably less of a dumbshit than she is, so you'll be fine.

Until law school actually starts. Then you're fucked.

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