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Damn you insomnia, damn you to HELL.

Yesterday I got 3 hours of sleep, like you do. I got up and went through my day, then went to a friend's Diwali dinner and had a great time. Also, two glasses of wine. I got home before midnight, got into bed, and set my alarm for 8 AM so I could get to my youth soccer game.

I tossed and turned and finally fell asleep around 6 AM.

And didn't set my alarm properly.

And woke up at 11AM.


I really have to see a doctor about this insomnia thing, it's getting out of hand. Like--really? After a day on 3 hours of sleep, plus alcohol with dinner, my body still thought it wouldn't shut down at the right time? This is just...beyond the pale.

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I was just talking to a ~psychiatrist~ today about insomnia. besides prescription drugs he recommended over-the-counter melatonin. I think you can get it at any drug store.

Valerian root works wonders for me. I get it at CVS.

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